Description and methods

ORM class for handling table of processes.

ORM object Bitrix\Rpa\Model\Type.

Find more details about storage user field values.

Chain of inheritance

Bitrix\Rpa\Model\TypeTable extends Bitrix\Main\UserField\Internal\TypeDataManager


Class has set of event handler methods. These handlers check status of associated table and some actions may be interrupted.

For example, process cannot be deleted when it contains items. Availability of stages is not checked.

After process is deleted, all process relevant data is deleted from associated tables as well. Also table of items and fulltext index table are deleted as well.

Creating a new record creates associated tables, as well as system fields values.

Method Description Available from version
public static function createItemIndexTable($type): Result Creates table for storage of process item fulltext index. Returns object \Bitrix\Main\Result.

Table fields

Field Description Type Required
ID Identifier.Int Yes
NAME Process string ID. Automatically generated.String Да
TABLE_NAME Name of table where this process items are stored. Automatically generated.String Yes
TITLE Process title.String Yes
IMAGE Process image. Now it contains string code from preset icon list.String Yes
CREATED_BY User ID who created the process.Int Yes
SETTINGS Serialized field for storage of secondary process settings.String Yes

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