This section contains information about the CRM module classes, related to core D7 and located directly within the \Bitrix\Crm namespace.

Base entity methods:

  • CCrmLead - leads,
  • CCrmDeal - deals,
  • CCrmCompany - companies,
  • CCrmContact - contacts,
  • CCrmQuote - quotes,
  • CCrmInvoice - invoices.

Classes CCrmQuote and CCrmInvoice do not have methods getListEx, but have completely analogous method getList.

Before using the module, check if it is installed and connect it via the following structure:


Class, namespace Description
BankDetailTable Class handles bank details.
Binding Namespace with classes for multiple CRM entity bindings.
Category Namespace with classes for handling pipelines.
Color Namespace with classes storing color schemes for deal stages, lead and quote statuses in CRM.
CompanyAddress Class for storage company addresses.
Config Namespaces with classes for user settings storage within specific entity context.
ContactAddress Class for storage contact addresses.
Conversion Namespace with classes for converting CRM entities.
EntityAddress Class for storage of entity addresses.
EntityBankDetail Class for handling bank details.
EntityRequisite Class for handling entity requisites.
Integration Namespace with class names for interaction - integration with other modules.
LeadAddress Class for Lead address storage.
Merger Namespace with class names, used for managing duplicates during conversion and for merging entity fields.
PresetTable ORM class for handling CRM requisite templates.
Preview Namespace with class names, used for generating rich links for CRM entities.
Requisite Namespace with class names, used for converting requisites from entities.
RequisiteAddress Class for storage address requisites.
RequisiteTable Class for handling entity requisites.
Settings Namespace with class names and methods for implementing various secondary CRM system settings.
Statistics Namespace with class names, used for collecting data for building analytic reports.
Synchronization Namespace with class names, used for synchronizing sets of user fields between different entity types.
Widget Widgets, used for building analytic reports.

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