Polls and Votes

Ерш section contains information about Polls and Votes module classes, related to Core D7 and located in the \Bitrix\Vote namespace.

Before using the module, check if it is installed and connect it via the following structure:


Subspaces and classes

Subspace, classDescription
AnswerTableHandles table with poll responses.
AttachHandles objects attached to polls.
AttachTableHandles table with objects associated with polls.
AttachmentNamespace for handling objects attached to polls.
BaseBase poll subspace.
ChannelHandles poll groups.
ChannelGroupTableHandles table with access permissions to poll groups.
ChannelSiteTableHandles table with site polls.
ChannelTableHandles table with poll groups.
EventAnswerTableHandles table with poll answers.
EventQuestionTableHandles table with poll questions.
UfContains classes for handling objects attached to polls.
UserHandles users who participated in polls.
UserTableHandles table with users who participated in polls.
VoteHandles votes.
VoteTableHandles table with votes.

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