File converter

File conversion is a resource-consuming process with unpredictable runtime. That is why conversion process is performed on a separate server. File conversion module is separated into two parts - consumer (transformer) and server (transformercontroller). This section details consumer module part.

Before starting to use the module, check if it is installed and connect it via the following structure:


Main module task is to receive a conversion command and send it to the server. Command consist of several parameters - execution command, module and callback.

Class Description
Main classes
CommandClass for handling commands.
FileTransformer Class for simplifying the handling of file commands.
DocumentTransformer Descendant of class FileTransformer.
VideoTransformer Descendant of class FileTransformer.
Http Class for sending command to server.
File Class for searching external path to file by its ID.
FileUploader Class for uploading file portions into cloud or locally by "gluing" portions and saving them.

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