Online Store

\Bitrix\Sale - namespace for Online Store module.

Before using the module, check if it is installed and connect it via the following structure:


Class, namespaceDescription
ArchiveClass for handling order archiving.
BasketClass for handling a shopping cart. Descendant of class \Bitrix\Sale\BasketItemCollection.
BasketBaseClass for handling shopping cart.
BasketItemCollectionClass for product item collection.
ConfigurationClass for handling product booking settings, stock control and online store status settings.
DeliveryNamespace, containing classes for handling delivery services.
Discount Namespace, containing subspaces, classes and methods for calculation all discounts (catalo and online store) and rounding off prices for shopping cart or order.
DiscountCouponsManagerClass for handling coupons in calculations.
FuserClass for getting buyer ID.
InternalsSubspace, containing classes for handling Online Store module tables.
LocationSubspace, containing class for handling locations.
NotifyClass for handling notifications.
OrderClass for handling orders.
OrderBaseBase class for handling orders.
OrderDiscountManagerClasses for handling shopping cart rules in calculations.
PaymentPayment class.
PaymentCollectionSet of payments class.
PropertyValueCollectionBaseBase class for order property set.
ProviderBaseBase class for handling online store providers.
ResultClass for handling results.
SalesZoneClass for specifying online store sales zone.
ServicesBase general part of delivery services and payment systems.
ShipmentShipments class.
ShipmentCollectionClass for set of shipments.
ShipmentItemClass for shipment items.
ShipmentItemStoreClass for shipment item barcodes.
StatusBaseBase class for statuses.
TaxClass for taxes.
TradingPlatformClass for handling trade platforms.

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