Description and methods

ORM class for handling stage table.

ORM objectBitrix\Rpa\Model\Stage.

Chain of inheritance

Bitrix\Rpa\Model\StageTable extends Bitrix\Main\ORM\Data\DataManager


Methods Description Available from version
public static function getFinalSemantics(): array Returns array of available semantic values


Table fields

Fields Description Type Required
ID Identifier.Int Yes
NAME Stage name.String Yes
CODE Stage external code. Empty by default, to be used in application.Int
COLOR Color code in HEX (length - 6 characters).Int Yes
SORT Sort index.Int Yes
SEMANTIC String with stage semantics code. Accepts single of the following values:
  1. SUCCESS - successful stage. Each process always has only one stage with such semantics
  2. FAIL - failed stage. Each process can have unlimited number of failed stages
TYPE_ID Process ID.Int Yes

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