Bitrix Framework has modular structure. Each module is responsible for managing certain site elements and parameters: information content and site structure, forums, ads, email campaigns, distribution of access permissions between user groups, statistics collection for number of visits, rating of ad campaign effectiveness and etc.

When additional features are required, developer have the following options:

Standard module IDs:

Because not all Bitrix Framework modules are transferred to a new core, such modules do not have links to a corresponding section of documentation.

Identifier Description Product
abtest A/B testing. This module compares conversion for two versions of a page.Bitrix24 Site Manager
advertising Advertizing, banners - management of ads on the site.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
bitrixcloud Bitrix24 Cloud - managing data backup in Bitrix24 and CDN cloud.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
bizproc Module for creating and handling workflows.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
bizprocdesigner Workflow designer - to design, layout, modify and create workflows.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
blog Blogs - maintaining blogs on site. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
calendar Events calendar. Bitrix24
catalog Commercial catalog module allows creating product and services catalogs with listed prices, charges, and data import/export. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
cluster Web Cluster support module. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
clouds Cloud file storage module. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
compression Module for site pages compression to boost downloads. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
controller Remote site management.Bitrix24
conversion Calculation of conversion for each selected target action. Bitrix Site Manager
crm Module allows creating a CRM. Bitrix24
currency Module allows managing site currencies and currency rates.Bitrix24
DAV Module provides access to objects and collections Bitrix24
desktop Desktop application Bitrix24
disk Module to handle files Bitrix24
documentgenerator Module to generate documents Bitrix24
extranet Module that supports communication of company employees with third-party partners. Bitrix24
fileman Module to manage site (-s) structure and information content, menus and access permissions. Bitrix24
form Module organizes handling of custom web forms and allows storage and filtering data for filled out forms. Bitrix24
forum Modules creates forums.Bitrix24
highloadblock Quick reference lists, without hierarchy support, with limited property support. Bitrix24
iblock Module to handle information blocks allows managing various information. Bitrix24
im Module for instant messages and notifications. Bitrix24
imbot Chatbot module for Bitrix24. Bitrix24
imconnector Module for organizing external messengers. Bitrix24
immobile Module for mobile app messenger. Bitrix24
imopenlines Open Channels module. Bitrix24
intranet Intranet - corporate portal Bitrix24
landing Creating landing pages via convenient designer.Bitrix24
ldap Module to handle Active Directory and LDAP. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
learning Remote learning module. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
lists Module to organize handling of various information from the site public section.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
mail Mail module to receive, filter emails.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
main Product kernel with SiteUpdate technology. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
meeting Module to organize and perform briefings and meetings. Bitrix24
messageservice Module sends text and other types of messages Bitrix24
mobileapp Module allows creating mobile apps.Bitrix24
perfmon Module to monitor site performance parameters. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
photogallery Module allows organizing photo gallery on the site with multiple image upload. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
pull Module allows organizing transfer of instant notifications and messages to clients. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
recyclebin Recycle bin for deleted entities. Bitrix24
report Creating and generating reportsBitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
rpa Module to organize business automation (RPA).Bitrix24
sale Allows to sell products to site visitors. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
salescenter Module to organize convenient sales in messengers. Bitrix24
scale Server scaling tools for fail safe clustered system.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
search Search module to perform indexing and search at the site. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
security Proactive site security module.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
sender Module to organize emails campaigns.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
seo Statistics and tools for search optimization for site. Bitrix Site Manager
socialnetwork Module provides option to create social network at the site. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
socialservices Integration with external social networks and services. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
statistic Module to collect and display site statistics. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
subscribe Module to organize email campaign lists.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
support Module allows organizing system of customer requests to technical support group at the site. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
tasks Module to manage tasks Bitrix24
timeman Module to manage worktime Bitrix24
transformer Module to send files for conversion. Bitrix24
transformercontroller Модуль для выполнения конвертации файлов. Bitrix24
translate Module allows translation of localization files.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
video Module allows to perform video conferences. Bitrix24
videoport Module provides option to use video conferences of Trueconf company.
vote Module allows to organize system voting and polls for site visitors. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
voximplant Intergates phone calls.Bitrix24
webdav Document library Bitrix24
webservice Module allows to organize system of web services and SOAP.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
wiki Module allows to maintain wiki pages at the site.Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
workflow Module allows to organize stage-by-stage processing of site documents. Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix24
xdimport Tools for data import into the system from external sources.Bitrix24
xmpp Module allows using Jabber-clients for communication within corporate portal. Bitrix24

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