Each process has a set of stages. Each element must be in one of such stages.

Generally the logic is identical to stages in crm.

Class \Bitrix\Rpa\Model\Stage - is an ORM object. Table \Bitrix\Rpa\Model\StageTable - is an ORM object

Stages are sorted by sort index, by increasing order. Stage with the lowest sort index is deemed as the first stage.

Stages have their own semantics. Stage can be either successful, or failed. A process can have only one successful stage, but can have unlimited number of failed stages.

Initially, a separate business logic layer was planned to be attached to stages:

  • complex access permissions config;
  • visibility/required fields settings.

Later on, such plans were not implemented in favour to activity entity-based solution. However, full stage settings component was left as descendant that is now is not displayed anywhere (rpa.stage.detail)

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