Section contains information about Robotic Process Automation module classes related to core D7 and correspondingly located in the namespace \Bitrix\Rpa.

Class, namespace Description Available from version
Command Base class for updating elements.
Components Namespace contains module component classes.
Controller Namespace contains controller classes.
Integration Namespace contains integration handling classes.
Model Namespace contains classes for handling ORM.
Scenario Abstract scenario class.
UI Namespace contains Icon class, containing list of available icons.
UrlManager This class executes two objectives: uses two named methods for generating links and defines which component with specific parameters must be connected by page addresses.
UserField Namespace contains classes for handling user fields.
Director Class executing scenario search.
Driver Singleton class. Stores instances of other objectsо, process data cache, event handlers.
Factory Core factory descendant class.
UserPermissions Class for handling user access permissions.

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