ORM object for handling process.

Has a set of getters/setters for system fields.

Descendants of base class.

Process stores a collection of associated stages. When one or another or all stages must be retrieved in a location, it's recommended to use getters of this class

Chain of inheritance

class Type extends Bitrix\Main\UserField\Internal\Type implements Bitrix\Rpa\Permission\Containable


Method Description Available from version
public function getStages(): EO_Stage_Collection Returns collection of process stages.

Stage within collection are sorted by sort index. However, successful stage comes first at the end and all failed stages follow it.

It's recommended to use this method for getting process stages in any place. Sends query to database only once.

public function getStage(int $stageId): ?Stage Returns stage by its $stageId. It's recommended to use this method for getting process stage in any place.
public function resortStages(): Type Performs stage re-sorting in this process collection of stages. This method must be used when sorting was modified.

Returns $this

public function getFirstStage(): ?Stage Returns first process stage.
public function getSuccessStage(): ?Stage Returns successful process stage.
public function getFailStages(): EO_Stage_Collection Returns collection of failed process stage.
public function getFinalStages(): EO_Stage_Collection Returns collection of final process stages.
public function createStage(): Stage Creates new stage object.
public function createItem(): Item Creates new item object.
public function getItem(int $itemId): ?Item Returns item by its $itemId.
public function getItems(array $parameters = []): Collection Returns collection of items. $parameters - standard set of parameters for getList.
public function getItemsCount(array $filter = []): int Returns number of process items for filter $filter.
public function getItemUserFieldsEntityId(): string Returns string ID for process item user fields.
public function getUserFieldCollection(): UserFieldCollection Returns collection of user field settings with visibilities that are associated to a full process.
public function getItemUfNameFieldName(): string Returns user field code that stores item title.

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