ORM object for handling item update history.

Contains set of getters/setters for system fields.

Object has two "states". First - is at the moment of creation. In this case, its created based on [link=11310764]item[/link] and its field values are calculated dynamically.

Second - when existing record is read. In this case, all field value are sourced from database.

Chain of inheritance

Bitrix\Rpa\Model\ItemHistory extends Bitrix\Rpa\Model\EO_ItemHistory


Method Description Available from version
public static function createByItem(Item $item): ItemHistory Factory method. Creates record object based on item.
public function fillEmptyValues(): void Fills in fields based on passed item.
public function createTimelineRecord(): ?Timeline When history object is saved, it creates new object of [link=11312298]timeline record[/link]. When its not saved, returns null.

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