User Fields

In addition to [link=11276082]core API[/link] integration, rpa has a set of classes for handling user fields.

Set and object for handling configuration

Class [link=11316944]\Bitrix\Rpa\UserField\UserFieldCollection[/link].

Handles set of user field configs.

Class [link=11316894]\Bitrix\Rpa\UserField\UserField[/link].

Handles user field settings.

User field visibility settings

To manage field visibility in various contexts, use the table [link=11305428]\Bitrix\Rpa\Model\FieldTable[/link].

This table is used to configure field visibility in kanban card and field availability in the edit quick form.

User field value rendering

Class [link=11316886]\Bitrix\Rpa\UserField\Display[/link].

Renders user field values outside of editor (used in kanban).

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