Returns the description of the deal fields, including user fields.


No parameters.




direction ID
Field DescriptionTypeNote
ADDITIONAL_INFO Additional informationstring
ASSIGNED_BY_ID Associated with a user by IDuser
BANK_DETAIL_ID Bank detail IDintegerAccepted, but not returned.
The parameter is passed to the function automatically on successful adding/updating of a deal with this deal ID.
BEGINDATE Start datedate
CATEGORY_ID crm_categoryUnmodifiable. When this field is not passed when creating a deal, the deal is created in the general pipeline.
CLOSED Closedchar
CLOSEDATE Closure Datedate
COMMENTS Commentsstring
COMPANY_ID Assigned company IDcrm_company
CONTACT_ID Assigned contact IDcrm_contact Outdated. Saved for compatibility
CONTACT_IDS Associated contact IDcrm_contactMultiple.
When using and an array of companies can be passed. The methods and do not have the this field and must be used to get list of contacts.
CREATED_BY_ID Created by useruserRead only
CURRENCY_ID Deal currency IDcrm_currency
DATA_CREATE Creation datedatetimeRead only
DATA_MODIFY Modification datedatetimeRead only
ID Deal IDintegerRead only
IS_NEW New deal flag (i. e. deal is in the first stage)char
IS_RECURRINGFlag of recurring deal template (if set to Y, its not a deal, but a template)char
IS_RETURN_CUSTOMERRepeat lead attributechar
LEAD_ID Associated lead IDcrm_leadRead only
LOCATION_ID Client locationlocationService parameter. Not recommended for use.
MODIFY_BY_ID Last modification author IDuserRead only
OPENED Accessible for allchar
ORIGINATOR_ID Data source IDstringUsed only to link to an external source.
ORIGIN_ID Data source Element IDstringUsed only to link to an external source.
PROBABILITY Probabilityinteger
QUOTE_ID Quote IDcrm_quoteRead only. Deprecated, use the method crm.quote.list with filter for deal.
REQUISITE_ID Requisite IDAccepted, but not returned.
The parameter is passed to the function automatically on successful adding/updating of a deal with this deal ID.
STAGE_ID Stage IDcrm_status
TAX_VALUE Tax ratedouble
TITLE NamestringRequired.
TYPE_ID Deal typecrm_statusUsed only to link to an external source.
UTM_CAMPAIGN Advertisement campaign designationstring
UTM_CONTENT Campaign contentstringFor example, for context announcements.
UTM_MEDIUM Traffic typestringCPC (announcements), CPM (banners)
UTM_SOURSE Advertisement systemstringYandex-Direct, Google-Adwords and others.
UTM_TERM Company search conditionstringFor example, contextual advertising keywords.

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