Registers link between requisite and entity. For successful registration, requisite IDs must belong to a client or a seller, which are selected in the entity, for which the link is being registered. If any of these requisites are unavailable or missing, then their ID is passed as 0 (null). It is permitted to specify all requisite IDs as with null values, then it is deemed that such requisites are not linked to the entity.


Parameter Description
fieldsSet of fields - is an array ("field"=>"value"[, ...]), containing values of requisites link fields.


var entityId = prompt("Enter invoice ID");
	var requisiteId = prompt("Enter ID of entity details that belong to buyer");
	var bankDetailId = prompt("Enter ID of bank details that belongs to buyer");
	var mcRequisiteId = prompt("Enter ID of entity details that belongs to company-seller");
	var mcBankDetailId = prompt("Enter ID of bank details the belongs to company-seller");
		"", {
			fields: {
				ENTITY_ID: entityId,
				REQUISITE_ID: requisiteId,
				BANK_DETAIL_ID: bankDetailId,
				MC_REQUISITE_ID: mcRequisiteId,
				MC_BANK_DETAIL_ID: mcBankDetailId
		function (result)
			if (result.error())

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