Product SKU


REST-methods from the crm.item.productrow.* family allow handling product items, associated with different CRM elements. These methods are universal and support any owner type that can work with new CRM API.

Important! Presently supporting only product SKUs that are associated with a SPA or quote, because only these entity types currently use the new API. All attempts to use these methods for other owner types will result in a returned error.

Access permissions

Querying REST methods is regulated by user access permissions. Product SKUs are not standalone CRM entity and are always binded to an item/element acting as their owner. That's why, access permissions for management by owner-element (quote, SPA and etc.) are always checked for all operations. For example, when a user doesn't have access for reading a specific element, this user wouldn't be able to read this product SKUs either.

Automatic actions after any update

All standard checks and procedures for modified CRM item are performed after any product SKU update, including recalculation of totals and automation rule triggering after saving. This pertains to all methods that create/update product SKUs: crm.item.productrow.add, crm.item.productrow.update, crm.item.productrow.set.

Boolean values

Some specific fields have a boolean type (for example, the field taxIncluded). For this case, pass "Y" or "N" to update the value. Query responses such fields will be displayed only partially.


Methods to handle SKUs crm.item.productrow.*.

Method Description Available from version
crm.item.productrow.fields Get information about SKU fields
crm.item.productrow.get Get information about SKU with ID.
crm.item.productrow.add Create new SKU.
crm.item.productrow.update Update SKU with ID
crm.item.productrow.set Bind SKUs to CRM element.
crm.item.productrow.delete Delete a SKU.
crm.item.productrow.list Filter list of SKUs.

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