Import via REST supports all the main CRM entities (type identifiers can be found here):

  • Leads
  • Deals
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Quotes
  • New invoices
  • SPAs

There are two methods available for import:

  • [link=15617524]crm.item.import[/link] - single entry import
  • [link=15617538]crm.item.batchImport[/link] - entry group import

Adding elements via import, contrary to adding using crm.*.add, has the following individual specifics:

  • Access permissions are checked for import and not for adding the elements
  • Workflows and automation rules won't be launched at the added element
  • When executing by account administrator, there is an option to set values for some of system fields:
    createdTimeDate and time of created entry
    updatedTimeDate and time entry updated
    movedTimeDate and time stage updated (when entity supports stages)
    createdByUser who created an entry
    updatedBy User who updated an entry
    movedByUser who updated the stage (when entity supports stages)

    These field values have some limits:

    • Requires createdTime field value monotone increase, i. e. you cannot create entries with date earlier than any previously existing entries.
    • createdTime and updatedTime cannot have future time
    • createdTime cannot be earlier than updatedTime
    • movedTime must be within range between createdTime and updatedTime

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