External Channels

crm.externalchannel.activity.companyCreates "Company document" activity. Creates "Contact document" activity.
crm.externalchannel.companyImports a Company entry and creates "Company import" activity.
crm.externalchannel.contactImports a Company entry and creates "Contact import" activity.
crm.externalchannel.connector.registerRegisters an external channel connector.
crm.externalchannel.connector.unregisterDeletes an external channel connector.

Method parameters

Parameter Description
"updated field"=>"value" Set of fields for company|contact - is an array("updated field"=>"value"[, ...]), where "updated field" can have values returned by the| for agents and crm.activity.fields for an activity.

For the activity, field IS_MY_COMPANY - Y (company-seller) | N.

MESSAGE Message text.
ORIGIN_IDExternal code of an agent.
COMPANY_ORIGIN_IDCurrently relevant only for contact. It is processed, but it is not recommended to use it, because the logic of working with this field can be changed without preliminary warning. When this parameter is passed, search for a company by origin_id is performed - if it is found, contact is successfully assigned to the company.
RQ_ADDRMultiple list with pre-set types:
  • PRIMARY - Actual address,
  • HOME - Registration address,
  • REGISTERED - Legal address,
  • BENEFICIARY - Beneficiary address
RESULT_CURRENCY_IDCurrency code, taken from the crm.currency.list selection list.
RESULT_VALUECurrently relevant only for the activity of SELLING subtype: 1 - passed, 0 - not passed.
VERSIONVersion of agent. Change of agent version leads to the contact update in the system and to creation of the activity, Import #agent#.
CHANNEL_IDChannel ID, where the value is taken from the value, returned by the crm.externalchanell.connector.register method.

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