Application Embedding

Developer of applications for Bitrix24 Marketplace can access a simple mechanism of embedding an application into Bitrix24 interface. This section provides reference information on embedding methods and locations.

Embedded applications, unavailable to a user, will not be displayed in lists, menu items or other locations where applications can be visible. Exception - embedding via the type of custom user field. However, authorization will not be passed to the frame and the developer of an app should take this into account.

The following locations are available for embedding:

  • CRM scope
  • Telephony scope
  • Landing scope
  • Workgroups Scope
  • Task
  • Calendar
  • Contact_Center
  • Arbitrary Location
  • CRM scope
    Code Leads
    CRM_LEAD_LIST_MENU List menu for Leads
    CRM_LEAD_DETAIL_TAB Upper menu item in the Lead details tab
    CRM_LEAD_DETAIL_ACTIVITY Lead activity menu item
    Code Deals
    CRM_DEAL_LIST_MENU Deals list menu
    CRM_DEAL_DETAIL_TAB Upper menu item in the Deals details
    CRM_DEAL_DETAIL_ACTIVITY Deal activity menu item
    Code Contacts
    CRM_CONTACT_LIST_MENU Contact list menu
    CRM_CONTACT_DETAIL_TAB Upper menu item in the Contact details
    CRM_CONTACT_DETAIL_ACTIVITY Contact activity menu item
    Code Companies
    CRM_COMPANY_LIST_MENU Company list menu
    CRM_COMPANY_DETAIL_TAB Upper menu item in the Company details
    CRM_COMPANY_DETAIL_ACTIVITY Company activity menu item
    Code Invoices
    CRM_INVOICE_LIST_MENU Invoices list menu
    Code Quotes
    CRM_QUOTE_LIST_MENU Quotes list menu
    Code Activities
    CRM_ACTIVITY_LIST_MENU Activities list menu
    Telephony scope
    Code Call Card
    CALL_CARD Call ID screen
    Landing Scope
    Code Settings
    LANDING_SETTINGS Settings menu (for Landing Page / Site)
    Code Edit
    LANDING_BLOCK Edit option for any block.
    scope workgroups
    Code Settings
    SONET_GROUP_DETAIL_TAB Workgroup detail tab.
    scope task
    Code Settings
    TASK_LIST_CONTEXT_MENU Task list context menu.
    TASK_VIEW_TAB New tab when viewing task
    TASK_VIEW_SIDEBAR New side bar when viewing task
    TASK_VIEW_TOP_PANEL Top panel when viewing task
    scope calendar
    Code Settings
    CALENDAR_GRIDVIEW List of calendar grid views
    scope contact_center
    Code Settings
    CONTACT_CENTER Square tile in the list of Contact Center.
    Arbitrary location
    Code Settings
    REST_APP_URI Each application on any Bitrix24 account is permitted to register only one embedding via placement.bind in any arbitrary location (Instant Messenger, Activity Stream and etc.).

    This embedding does not have an UI button that user can use to manually open the app. The app can send a link, leading to its embedding to any location (Instant Messenger, Activity Stream and etc.). To use this embedding option, the link must have the format /marketplace/view/#APP_CODE#/, where #APP_CODE# - your app code.

    The embedding can receive any number of parameters in the "get" key params, for example: /marketplace/view/#APP_CODE#/?params[test]=y. In this case, PLACEMENT_OPTIONS is as follows:

    'test' = 'y'
    Example: using BBCode to insert this link into a chat:

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