Using REST Methods

To utilize REST methods, a local application within a specific Bitrix24 account or a webhook should be created. Another way is to develop an openly released solution and to add it to a partner account. In general, a call of REST method for local and a widespread release applications look like a HTTPS-request and looks as follows


"transport" - optional parameter, which can have either json or xml values. By default - json.

Request can be sent by both GET and POST methods.

Method parameter values are applied in UTF-8 format.

For webhooks, call syntax is different, but still contains method name, method parameters and transport.

Actually, it means that you can request Bitrix24 REST API methods by using any programming languages and development tools which support operation with HTTPS.

Please, remember about limit on high amount of REST queries:Number of queries is limited. REST allows for two queries per second. Sending queries is capped after 50 queries when this limit is exceeded.

REST API may be blocked in case your application/webhook creates an anomalous load to the account:

'error' => 'OVERLOAD_LIMIT',
'error_description' => 'REST API is blocked due to overload.'

To unblock REST API, please submit a request to Bitrix24 Technical support.


- all incoming array keys must be passed in upper case.
- queries must be sent without BOM.

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