Scope: catalog Permissions to execute: for all

crm.quote.fields Returns field description for a quote.
crm.quote.add Set of fields.
crm.quote.get Returns a quote by the ID.
crm.quote.list Returns a list of quotes by the filter. This is the implementation of the list method for the quotes.
crm.quote.update Updates an existing quote.
crm.quote.delete Deletes a quote and all objects, associated with it.
crm.quote.productrows.get Returns product positions of a quote.
crm.quote.productrows.set Sets (creates or updates) product positions of a quote.
crm.quote.userfield.add Creates a new user field for quotes.
crm.quote.userfield.delete Deletes a user field for quotes.
crm.quote.userfield.get Returns a user field for quotes by the ID.
crm.quote.userfield.list Returns a list of user fields for quotes by the filter.
crm.quote.userfield.update Updates an existing user field for quotes.

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