crm.invoice.add Creates a new invoice.
crm.invoice.delete Deletes the specified invoice.
crm.invoice.fieldsReturns description of the fields for the invoice object and its products.
crm.invoice.get Returns an invoice by the ID.
crm.invoice.list Returns a list of invoices selected by the filter.
crm.invoice.recurring.add Adds new settings for recurring invoice.
crm.invoice.recurring.delete Deletes existing setting for recurring invoice template тройку.
crm.invoice.recurring.expose Creates new invoice from a template.
crm.invoice.recurring.fields Returns list of setting fields for recurring invoice template with description.
crm.invoice.recurring.get Returns setting fields for recurring invoice by its ID.
crm.invoice.recurring.list Returns list of settings for recurring invoice templates by the filter.
crm.invoice.recurring.update Updates existing setting for recurring invoice template.
crm.invoice.update Updates an specified (existing) invoice.
crm.invoice.userfield.add Creates a new user field for invoices.
crm.invoice.userfield.delete Deletes a user field for invoices.
crm.invoice.userfield.get Returns a user field for invoices by the ID.
crm.invoice.userfield.list Returns a list of user fields for invoices by the filter.
crm.invoice.userfield.update Updates an existing user field for invoices.
crm.paysystem.fields Returns fields description for payment methods.
crm.paysystem.list Returns a list of payment methods.
crm.persontype.fields Returns description of fields for types of payers.
crm.persontype.list Returns a list of types of payers.
crm.invoice.getexternallink Returns a link for invoices.

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