Chat Bots

Permission for Chatbots (imbot)

Chatbot - is a virtual chat-based bot, a software program that is created to imitate human behavior when conversing with several parties.
What a chatbot can do?
  • Perform routine actions - allows to perform certain fucntions without human participation. The end job will be done seamlessly and instantaneously;
  • Search and aggregation news and analytical data (Data-Driven Collaboration): data is available anywhere to all interested parties via their messengers;
  • E-commerce - for quick purchases without lengthy search. Mobile ecommerce + visual search + chatbots, for client communication; for communication with customers;
  • First tier of customer support client relations, assistants, consultants, frequently asked questions, telephony;
  • Just for Fun - just for the fun of it.

This Bitrix24 Chatbot course offers comprehensive data about chatbots API; examples and description for the full chatbot creation process is provided as well.

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