crm.lead.addCreates and adds a new lead.
crm.lead.delete Deletes the specified leadand all the associated objects.
crm.lead.fields Returns the description of the fields available to a lead.
crm.lead.get Returns a lead associated with the specified lead ID.
crm.lead.list Returns a list of leads selected by the filter specified as the parameter.
crm.lead.productrows.get Returns products existing for the specified lead.
crm.lead.productrows.set Creates or updates products for the specified lead.
crm.lead.update Updates the specified (existing) lead.
crm.lead.userfield.add Creates a new user field for leads.
crm.lead.userfield.get Returns a user field for leads by ID.
crm.lead.userfield.list Returns a list of user fields for leads by the filter.
crm.lead.userfield.update Updates an existing user field for leads.
crm.lead.userfield.delete Deletes a user field for leads.

General list of Lead Events is provided here.

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