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Returns list of requisite links. These links determine, which requites are selected for a deal, quote or an invoice. At the same time, such requisites must be part of selected company or a contact. This way, if a company is selected as a buyer in the invoice, the requisites of the buyer must belong to this company. Only a company from "Your company requisites" selection list can be selected as a seller. Each link record contains the following IDs:

  • "REQUISITE_ID" - client details ID (company or a contact);
  • "BANK_DETAIL_ID" - client bank details ID;
  • "MC_REQUISITE_ID" - company-seller details ID;
  • "MC_BANK_DETAIL_ID" - company-seller bank details ID.

    If the ID equals to 0, then the corresponding requisite was not selected for a deal, quote or an invoice.


Parameter Description
orderSorting fields.
filterFilter fields.


		"", {
			order: {"ENTITY_ID": "ASC"},
			filter: {"ENTITY_TYPE_ID": 5}    // Invoice
		function (result)
			if (result.error())
				if (result.more());

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