Returns field description for the invoice, including user fields.


No parameters.



Fields, returned by the method


QUANTITY - Quantity.

Field DescriptionТипNote
ID IdentifierintergerRead only
ACCOUNT_NUMBER NumberstringRequired
COMMENTS Manager commenttext
CREATED_BY Created by userintegerRead only
CURRENCY Currency IDcrm_currencyRead only
DATE_BILL Date of issuedate
DATE_INSERT Date of creationdatetime
DATE_MARKED Date of denialdatetimeSpecified, if invoice is denied
DATE_PAY_BEFORE Payment due datedate
DATE_PAYEDDate when transferred into paid statusdate
DATE_STATUS Date when status is updateddatetimeRead only
DATE_UPDATE Date when updateddatetimeRead only
EMP_PAYED_ID ID of the user who was the last to transfer invoice into the ''paid'' statusintegerRead only
EMP_STATUS_ID ID of the user who was the last to change invoice statusintegerRead only
LID Site IDintegerRead only
XML_ID External codestring
ORDER_TOPIC TopicstringRequired
PAY_SYSTEM_ID Hard copy IDintegerRequired
PAY_VOUCHER_DATE Payment datedateSpecified, if invoice is paid
PAY_VOUCHER_NUM Payment document numberstringSpecified, if invoice is paid
PAYED Paid attributecharRead only
PERSON_TYPE_ID Payer type IDintegerRequired
PRICE SumdoubleRead only
REASON_MARKED Status commentstringУказывается, если счёт оплачен или отклонён
RESPONSIBLE_EMAIL Responsible user e-mailstringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_ID Responsible e-mailinteger
RESPONSIBLE_LAST_NAME Responsible person last namestringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_LOGIN Responsible user loginstringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_NAME Name of the responsible userstringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_PERSONAL_PHOTO Responsible user photo IDintegerRead only
RESPONSIBLE_SECOND_NAME Responsible user middle namestringRead only
RESPONSIBLE_WORK_POSITION Responsible user positionstringRead only
STATUS_ID Status IDcrm_status "INVOICE_STATUS" selection list ID
TAX_VALUE Tax amountdoubleRead only
UF_COMPANY_ID Company IDintegerSpecified, if the payer is a legal entity
UF_CONTACT_ID Contact IDintegerSpecified, if the payer is a private individual, or as the company contact representative
UF_MYCOMPANY_ID Your company IDintegerSpecified as the company with the invoice details (binding to details is specified separately)
UF_DEAL_ID Binded deal IDinteger
PR_LOCATION Location IDintegerRequired, if the tax document mode is used
INVOICE_PROPERTIES Property listaarrayIf the client is a company, the following keys can be specified (all values have the string type):

COMPANY - Company name;

COMPANY_ADR - Address;

CONTACT_PERSON - Contact person;

EMAIL - E-mail;

PHONE - Phone number;

INN - taxpayer reg.No.;

KPP - tax registration reason code ;

If client, the contact data:

FIO - Full name;

ADDRESS - Address;

EMAIL - E-mail;

PHONE - Phone;

PRODUCT_ROWS List of product positionsiarrayProduct position fields:

ID - Identifier (integer), specify zero for the new record;

PRICE - price (double);

DISCOUNT_PRICE - Discount per product item (double);

PRODUCT_ID - Product ID in the catalog (integer), zero - if not included in the catalog;

PRODUCT_NAME - Name of product position (string);

VAT_RATE - VAT rate (double);

VAT_INCLUDED - VAT is included into the price ('Y' or 'N') (char);

MEASURE_CODE - Unit of measurement code (integer);

MEASURE_NAME - Unit of measurement designation (string);

CATALOG_XML_ID - Catalog external code (string), read only;

PRODUCT_XML_ID - External code of product position (string), matches with the product external code, if it is from catalog. Read only.

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