crm.item.productrow.set({ownerType: string, ownerId: number, productRows: []})

Method binds productRows to CRM entity with ownerType and ownerId. This method re-writes all already existing product SKU, bound to the CRM entity. As a result, this method "replaces" already existing product SKUs to the newly received.


Parameter Description Available from version
ownerType Symbolic code for CRM entity type. You can find out, which specific code corresponds to the entity type using the class methods \CCrmOwnerTypeAbbr.
ownerId CRM entity ID
productRows Array with product SKUs. Each array element is an object with data, similar to field values from link=15050239]crm.item.productrow.add[/link].

Values of some fields (priceExclusive and etc.) will be calculated automatically based in the provided data. You cannot set them manually. Full list of read-only fields can be find using the method crm.item.productrow.fields.

The method returns the result similar to the called method crm.item.productrow.list with filter as per set CRM entity.

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