Merging duplicates

crm.entity.mergeBatch({params: {entityTypeId: number, entityIds: number[]}})

params - associative array containing the following keys:
Ключ Описание
entityTypeId entity type ID. Can receive the values 1 (lead), 2 (deal), 3 (contact) или 4 (company)
entityIdsarray with element IDs to be merged

Method returns an associative array:



Parameter Description
STATUS can receive the values:
  • SUCCESS - merge is successful.
  • CONFLICT - merge conflict.
  • ERROR - merge error. For example, when current user doesn't have access permissions for editing or deleting records.
ENTITY_IDScontains element IDs that were merged, expect for the element ID, remaining after merging.


		params: {
			entityTypeId: 3,
			entityIds: [1, 2, 3],
	(result) => {

Manual merging during conflicts

To continue merging manually you only need to forward the merging into manual merging section via the following link in the standard Bitrix24 interface:

  • Contacts: /crm/contact/merge/?id=1,2,3
  • Companies: /crm/company/merge/?id=1,2,3
  • Leads: /crm/lead/merge/?id=1,2,3
  • Deals: /crm/deal/merge/?id=1,2,3

where parameter id contains comma-separated identifiers of merged entries.

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