\Bitrix\Sale\Shipment class for shipments. This class implements interfaces \Bitrix\Sale\IBusinessValueProvider and \IEntityMarker.

Inheritance chain

\Bitrix\Sale\Shipment > \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\CollectableEntity > \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
allowDelivery доставку отгрузки.
calculateDelivery Calculates delivery cost
create Creates a shipment object and associates collection to it.
delete Deletes a shipment from an order (only unpaid shipment can be deleted).
disallowDelivery Cancels permission for shipping a delivery.
getAllowDeliveryDate Returns date when delivery is allowed.
getAllowDeliveryUserId Returns user ID who permitted a delivery.
getBasketItemQuantity Returns number of products in a shipment.
getCompanyId Returns company ID associated with shipment.
getCurrency Returns shipment currency.
getDelivery Returns a delivery service object.
getDeliveryId Returns delivery service ID.
getDeliveryName Returns name for delivery service.
getExtraServices Returns additional services for shipment.
getId Returns shipment ID.
getPrice Returns delivery cost with discounts and extra charges.
getRegistryType Returns register type for an object.
getShipmentCode Returns shipment ID.
getShipmentItemCollection Returns shipment contents.
getShippedDate Returns partial shipment date.
getShippedUserId Returns user ID, who shipped a partial shipment.
getStoreId Returns self-pickup warehouse.
getUfId Returns user field IDs.
getUnshipReason Returns reason for cancelling shipping of partial shipment.
getVatRate Returns VAT rate for a delivery.
getVatSum Returns VAT amount for a delivery.
getWeight Returns shipment weight.
isAllowDelivery Checks if shipment delivery is allowed.
isCanceled Checks if shipment is cancelled.
isCustomPrice Checks for custom delivery price.
isEmpty Checks if shipment is empty.
isExistBasketItem Checks if this product is included into shipment.
isMarked Checks if shipment is marked with information about errors.
isReserved Checks if products in the shipment are reserved.
isShipped Checks if shipment was shipped.
isSystem Checks if shipment is a system shipment.
loadForOrder Returns array with order shipments.
setBasePriceDelivery Sets the cost of shipment without discounts and extra charges.
setDeliveryService Sets delivery service for a shipment.
setExtraServices Sets additional services for a shipment.
setOrderId Sets an order ID.
setStoreId Sets a self-pickup warehouse.
verify Verifies a shipment.

Methods for parent class Bitrix\Sale\Internals\CollectableEntity

MethodDescription Available from version
createCloneClones this item.
deleteDeletes an item.
doFinalActionExecutes finalizing actions.
getCollectionReturns collection with associated item.
getInternalIndexReturns internal index for a collection item.
isCloneChecks if this item is a clone.
setCollectionAssociates collection to an item.

Methods for parent class \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

MethodDescription Available from version
doFinalActionAbstract method, designed to implement "final" calculation logic.
getAvailableFieldsReturns array of fields to be set via methods setField() and setFields().
getAvailableFieldsMapReturns array of fields to be set via the methods setField() and setFields(). getAvailableFields values are used as array keys.
getFieldReturns value for $name field.
getFieldValuesReturns array of fields with values.
getIdReturns entity ID.
initFieldInitializes field by a value. Object is not considered as updated.
initFieldsInitializes fields by values. Object is not considered as updated.
isChangedChecks, if entity was updated. If yes, returns true, otherwise returns false.
isMathActionOnlyChecks, if current data is used for calculations (provider data is not requested). If yes, returns true, otherwise returns false.
setFieldSets values for the field $name.
setFieldsInitializes fields by values. Object is not considered as updated.
setMathActionOnlyDisables requests to provider when during calculations.
verifyChecks, if object is correct. Returns object \Bitrix\Sale\Result.

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