\Bitrix\Sale\PropertyValueCollectionBase base class for collection of order properties.

Inheritance chain

\Bitrix\Sale\ShipmentItem > \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\CollectableEntity > \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
checkErrors Checks, if passed values are correct
checkRequired Checks, if all required properties are passed.
createItem Creates an order property.
getAddress Returns property used as an address.
getArray Returns array with two keys: groups and properties. First stores data about groups, second - property data.
getAttribute Returns property by its attribute.
getDeliveryLocation Returns property used as location to calculate delivery cost.
getDeliveryLocationZip Returns property used as zip code.
getGroups Returns list of groups with properties.
getItemByOrderPropertyId Returns property by its ID.
getOrder Returns order with associated collection.
getPayerName Returns property used as payer name.
getPhone Returns property used as phone number.
getProfileName Returns property used as name for user profile.
getPropertiesByGroupId Returns list of group properties.
getRegistryType Returns register type for an object.
getTaxLocation Returns property used for calculating taxes.
getUserEmail Returns property used as buyer mail.
load Returns order with associated collection.
setOrder Associates order to a collection.
setValuesFromPost Sets property values.

Methods for parent class Bitrix\Sale\Internals\CollectableEntity

MethodDescription Available from version
createCloneClones this item.
deleteDeletes an item.
doFinalActionExecutes finalizing actions.
getCollectionReturns collection with associated item.
getInternalIndexReturns internal index for a collection item.
isCloneChecks if this item is a clone.
setCollectionAssociates collection to an item.

Methods for parent class \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

MethodDescription Available from version
doFinalActionAbstract method, designed to implement "final" calculation logic.
getAvailableFieldsReturns array of fields to be set via methods setField() and setFields().
getAvailableFieldsMapReturns array of fields to be set via the methods setField() and setFields(). getAvailableFields values are used as array keys.
getFieldReturns value for $name field.
getFieldValuesReturns array of fields with values.
getIdReturns entity ID.
initFieldInitializes field by a value. Object is not considered as updated.
initFieldsInitializes fields by values. Object is not considered as updated.
isChangedChecks, if entity was updated. If yes, returns true, otherwise returns false.
isMathActionOnlyChecks, if current data is used for calculations (provider data is not requested). If yes, returns true, otherwise returns false.
setFieldSets values for the field $name.
setFieldsInitializes fields by values. Object is not considered as updated.
setMathActionOnlyDisables requests to provider when during calculations.
verifyChecks, if object is correct. Returns object \Bitrix\Sale\Result.

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