\Bitrix\Sale\OrderBase base class for handling an order. Operates only with shopping cart, properties, discounts and taxes.

Chain of inheritance

\Bitrix\Sale\OrderBase > \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
appendBasketПрикрепляет корзину к новому заказу.
applyDiscountApplies calculated discounts to an order.
createCreates an order object.
deleteCancels and deletes an order.
deleteNoDemandDirectly deletes order from database.
doFinalActionCalculates discounts, taxes and applies them to an order.
getAvailableFieldsReturns array of fields that can be set using the methods setField() and setFields().
getBasketReturns a shopping cart object attached to an order.
getCurrencyReturns order currency.
getDateInsertReturns date of created order.
getDeliveryLocationReturns delivery price for all locations.
getDeliveryPriceReturns delivery price for all orders.
getDiscountReturns object of class \Bitrix\Sale\DiscountBase.
getDiscountPriceReturns discount/extra charge value for an order.
getHashReturns order cache.
getIdReturns order ID.
getPersonTypeIdReturns order payer type ID for an associated order.
getPriceReturns order price with discounts/extra charges.
getPropertyCollectionReturns collection properties, associated with an order
getRegistryTypeReturns register type for an object.
getSiteIdReturns site ID that processed order checkout.
getSumPaidReturns an already paid order price.
getTaxReturns object of class \Bitrix\Sale\Tax.
getTaxLocationReturns location ID used for tax calculation.
getTaxPriceReturns tax value for an order.
getTaxValueReturns tax rate for an order.
getUfIdReturns user field IDs. By default null.
getUserIdReturns buyer ID.
getVatRateReturns VAT rate that was applied.
getVatSumReturns total VAT.
isAllowDeliveryReturns value true, when delivery is permitted for an order (otherwise returns false).
isCanceledReturns true, when order is cancelled (otherwise returns false).
isChangedReturns true, when order is changed (otherwise returns false).
isExternalReturns true, when order was received externally (e. g.from third-party accounting services). Otherwise, returns false.
isMarkedReturns true, when order was marked (otherwise returns false). Orders are marked only in cases of errors.
isNotEmptyBasketReturns true, when shopping cart is not empty. Otherwise, returns false.
isPaidReturns true, when order is paid (otherwise returns false).
isShippedReturns true, when order was shipped (otherwise returns false).
isUsedVatReturns true, when VAT is used (otherwise returns false).
loadLoads order by ID and returns object (or null).
loadByAccountNumberLoads order by its number and returns an object (or null).
loadByFilterReturns array of order objects (or null).
loadPropertyCollectionLoads collection of property values, associated to an order from database.
refreshDataRefreshes calculated order data.
refreshVatRecalculates taxes.
resetDataResets order data.
resetTaxResets taxes.
saveSaves an order.
setBasketAttaches shopping cart to a new order and refreshes it. Upon attempting to associate shopping cart to existing order, throws an exception: \Bitrix\Main\NotSupportedException.
setPersonTypeIdSets payer type ID for an order.
verifyVerifies order and associated entities.

Methods for parent class \Bitrix\Sale\Internals\Entity

MethodDescription Available from version
doFinalActionAbstract method for implementing "Final" calculation logic.
getAvailableFieldsReturns array with fields set using methods setField() and setFields().
getAvailableFieldsMap Returns array with fields set using methods setField() and setFields(). Array keys are values getAvailableFields.
getFieldReturns values for the field $name.
getFieldValuesReturns array with fields with values.
getIdReturns entity ID.
initFieldInitializes field by value. The object is not deemed as updated.
initFieldsItinializes fields by values. The object is not deemed as updated.
isChangedChecks if entity is updated. When updated, returns true, otherwise false.
isMathActionOnlyChecks if current data calculations are performed (provider data is not requested). If yes, returns true, otherwise false.
setFieldSets value for the field $name.
setFieldsInitilizes fields by values. The object is not deemed as updated.
setMathActionOnlyDisables request to provider when executing calculations.
verifyVerifies if object is correct. Returns object \Bitrix\Sale\Result.

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