string date,
 string format=false,
 string lang=false,
 string format_type="SHORT"

The method checks the date for validity and returns true if the date is valid or false otherwise. Non-static method.


ParameterDescription Available from version
date Date to be verified.
format Date format.
Optional. If false, the date format is inferred from the current site (for public section) or language (for administrative section).
lang Site ID (for public section) or the language ID (for administrative section). Used to determine the format if format is false.
Optional; by default, current site (for public section) or language (for administrative section) are used.
format_type Type of the date format: "FULL" - date and time, "SHORT" - date only.
Optional; "SHORT" by default. Form version 3.3.7 to version 4.1.0 the parameter was named Type.

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Examples of use

if (!$DB->IsDate("12.10.2005 22:34:15", "DD.MM.YYYY HH:MI:SS"))
  echo "Error. Invalid date format.";

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