CSmile Class

CSmile class is used to handle smileys. In all system modules smileys are called from the main Kermel module. Smileys that have high resolution (retina-quality) are supported. Smileys parsing option is also supported in the modules, which do not have their own smileys implemented.

Before version 13 release, both the old and the new options are supported.

Constant types

Constant Description
CSmile::TYPE_SMILE Smiley
CSmile::TYPE_ICON Icon
CSmile::TYPE_ALL Both types

Image quality constant

Constant Description
CSmile::IMAGE_SD Standard resolution (SD)
CSmile::IMAGE_HD High resolution (HD)
CSmile::IMAGE_UHD Ultra-high resolution (Ultra HD)

Path constant

Constant Description
CSmile::PATH_TO_SMILE path to the folder with smileys, from the site root
CSmile::PATH_TO_ICON path to the folder with icons, from the site root.
Class Description Available from version
Add Adds a smiley
Update Updates smileys data
Delete Deletes a smiley
DeleteBySet Deletes all smileys in the set
GetById Returns smileys data by the ID
GetList Returns multiple smileys data
GetByType Returns the smileys and icons data
PrepareForLHE Prepares array of smileys prior to inserting into the visual editor
PrepareForParser Prepares array of smileys prior to inserting into the text parser
PreparePathToCopy Prepares paths to copy files
Import Imports an archive with smileys

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