This method is for use with the Oracle version only!

 string sql,
 array binds,
 bool ignore_errors=false,
 string error_position="" 

The method executes SQL "UPD ATE" or "INS ERT" queries that require variable binding (usually with BLOB, CLOB, LONG fields and etc.). Non-static method

The method returns an CDBResult object class on success.
If an error occurs and the ignore_errors parameter equals "true", the method returns "false".
If an error occurs and the ignore_errors parameter equals "false", the method interrupts page execution, the method interrupts page execution and performs the following operations beforehand:

  1. Calls the AddMessage2Log method.
  2. If the current user is a site administrator, the /bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php file has the initialized $DBDebug=true; variable, the screen will display the full text of the error, otherwise the SendError method will be called.
  3. The /bitrix/php_interface/dbquery_error.php file will be connected. If it doesn't exist, the file /bitrix/modules/main/include/dbquery_error.php file will be connected instead.


sql SQL query.
binds Array of BLOB, CLOB, LONG fields etc. in the array("field name" => "value" [, ...]) format.
ignore_errors Specifies to ignore errors. If set to "true", the method returns "false" when an error is encountered. If the ignore_errors parameter equals "false", then in case of an error the function terminates execution of complete page.
Optional; "false" by default.
error_position String that identifies position in code fr om where the CDatabase::QueryBind method was called. If an SQL query fails and the file/bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php has the $DBDebug=true; variable, both error_position and SQL query will be displayed on the screen. Optional.

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Examples of use


// refresh a field

$MY_FIELD_VALUE = "123";

// refresh field MY_FIELD of the type CLOB
$strError = "";
$strUpdate = $DB->PrepareUpdate("aa_abc", $arFields);
if($strUpdate != "")
$strSql = "UPDATE aa_abc SE T ".$strUpdate." WH ERE ID=15";
// variable $MY_FIELD_VALUE contains the text of length more than 4000 symbols
$arBinds = array("NEWS_TEXT_FCK" => $MY_FIELD_VALUE);

// execute query to bind :MY_FIELD to a real val ue
if(!$DB->QueryBind($strSql, $arBinds))
$strError = "Query Error!";
echo "all Ok!";


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