Bitrix Framework support of other than English symbols in the public filenames applies certain limits on general work, specifically:
Direct calls are unavailable

  • to file names selected by users,
  • to folder names selected by users,
  • to files and folders located in folders which names are selected by users.
The calls of any direct methods to handle file system handling are unavailable: include, require, fopen, filesize, unlink, file_exists and etc.

For example, the file .access.php cannot be directly called because it can be located in the Folder folder: /Folder/.access.php.

If the call is directed to the file inside the /bitrix folder, it is the service area that should not contain non-English characters. Direct methods can be used. If the request to item is made outside /bitrix folder, then either a name, or path can contain non-English characters. Also, CBXVirtualIo must be used.
Exception - widespread files inside site root: /404.php, /auth.php, /urlrewrite.php, /.htaccess, which, obviously cannot support non-English characters in the path, though they are located not in the /bitrix folder.

CBXVirtualIo class is used to handle files in public section, which are created by users, or user-created folders.

This class is not static, that's why it is recommended to create its instance before using it. To get "default" instance of CBXVirtualIo class, use the static method GetInstance(). This method creates a single class instant with "default" settings only once, when called for the first time:

$io = CBXVirtualIo::GetInstance();

Class methods

Method Description Available from version
CombinePath Combines parts of a path into a single path.
RelativeToAbsolutePath Converts product root path relative to absolute path.
SiteRelativeToAbsolutePath Converts specified site root path to absolute path.
 string $path

Converts path (string) into file system format. It's not recommended to use this method without actual necessity.

 string $path
Converts path (string) from file system format to site format. It is not recommend to use this method without actual necessity.
ExtractNameFromPath Returns file or folder name from specified path.
ExtractPathFromPath Returns path to file or folder from a specified path.
ValidatePathString Validates correct path.
ValidateFalenameString Validates file (folder) name.
DirectoryExists Checks if specified folder exists.
FileExists Checks if specified file exists.
GetDirectory Returns folder class object for the specified path.
GetFile Returns file class object for the specified path.
 string $path,
 string $mode
Opens file in the specified mode and returns its descriptor. It's better not to use this method without actual necessity.
CreateDirectory Creates specified folder, if doesn't exist.
Delete Deletes file or folder.
Copy Copies file or folder.
Move Moves file or folder
No parameters. Clears the file system cache, if available
No parameters. Returns array of errors, occurred during the latest file operation.

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