Classes and Methods

System kernel consists of function, events and the following classes:

Class Description Available from version
CMain Main class.
CDatabase Class to work with database.
CDBResult Class of request result.
CAgent Class to work with agents.
CEvent Class to send mail event.
CEventMessage Class to work with mail events templates.
CEventType Class to work with types of mail events.
CFile Class work with files and images.
CUser Class to work with users.
CGroup Class to work with user groups.
CSite Class to work with sites.
CLanguage Class to work with languages.
CMainPage Class to use at the index page of Bitrix24 account.
CMenu Menu processing.
CModule Module management.
COption Class to work with module parameters.
CPageOption Class to with with parameters that are active only on the page.
CPageCache Class for HTML caching.
CPHPCache Class for PHP-variables and HTML caching.
CAdminFileDialog Class to work with file dialogue in the administrative section.
CComponentEngine Class encapsulates helper methods.
CDiskQuota Class to work with disk quotas.
CUserTypeEntity Class to work with user fields.
CApplicationException Class to work with exceptions.
CBitrixComponent Class - component wrapper.
CBitrixComponentTemplate Class - component template wrapper.
CRatings Class to work with ratings.
CUserFieldEnumClass to work with user "list" field types.
CUserCounterClass to work with user counters.
CBXSanitizerClass to clean up HTML-text from tags and attributes, entered by the user. Such tags and attributes are not listed in the "whitelist" for tags and attributes permitted for use.
CAdminNotifyClass to work with notifications.
CBXVirtualIoClass to work with files of public section.
CBXVirtualFileClass of file from public section.
CBXVirtualDirectoryClass of folder from public section.
CSmileClass to work with smileys.
CSmileSet Class to work with smiley packages.
CSmileGallery Class to work with smiley galleries.
CEventLog Class to work with the log.

Important! Class parameters have LID. It has different values, if used in administrative or public sections. In the administrative section, LID - is the language ID, in public section, LID - is the site ID.

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