This class is used to handle smiley galleries.


Constant Description
CSmileGallery::GALLERY_DEFAULT is used to designate gallery selection according to module settings.
CSmileGallery::GET_ALL_LANGUAGE constant allows to return all available languages

Class Description Available from version
add Adds a smiley gallery.
update Updates smiley gallery data.
delete Deletes gallery jointly with sets and individual smileys (database records and files themselves).
getById Gets gallery data by the ID
getByStringId Gets gallery data by STRING_ID.
getDefaultId Gets default gallery ID.
getList Gets smiley gallery data.
getListCache Gets list of all galleries (with caching)
getListForForm Gets selection of galleries to build a list.
getSmilesWithSets Returns sets and smileys based on specific gallery then to be used in modules when creating list of available smileys.
setDefaultId Sets default gallery.

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