The Workflow module is designed for staged processing of static pages and dynamic components of the site. Using the module allows for arranging teamwork to manage the site content.

The module adheres to the following preconditions.

  1. Documents on all site pages can be modified in the workflow mode. To do so, a user should have at least the right Workflow for the specified page.
  2. A Document is a copy of the static page in the Workflow module. Each static page can have only one document. Editing a static page means modifying the corresponding document (a copy of this page) in the Workflow module. While modifying the document, the user can change its state. The final status is status #1, when the document contents is transformed into a page (file). Note that the order of changing the document status can be arbitrary. When creating a new page, at first, its document is created; upon publishing the document, the corresponding page is created.
  3. To use links to different files (jpeg, gif, pdf, etc.) in the document, the user should load them into the document. Upon publishing the documents, all these loaded files are moved into the specified directories.
  4. All modifications of the document are recorded in the document history. To roll back changes in the document, the user should copy the required part of the document from its history.
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