A well-organized web-portal allows its users to communicate with each other, ask questions which can be addressed to both visitors and the site administration. The main mean of such communication is a forum which, to a certain extent, can be used as an addition to a usual technical support service. Besides, the forum is the best SEO tool to attract new visitors to the site, as search engines usually index the forum message text in addition to the main site contents.

The forum module serves to create and manage site forums. The main features of this module enable you to:

  • Build and easily modify the forum public section using the module API's high-level functions and classes;
  • Create the required number of forums;
  • Flexibly regulate the user access permissions for reading and posting forum messages;
  • Create the moderated or post-moderated forums;
  • Assign the forum moderator status to a group of employees;
  • Assign ranks to users according to the number of points given to a user according to his/her forum messages. Also these points can be given to a user by other forum users;
  • Customise forum settings;
  • Perform many other operations.
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