CRatings Class

CRatings class is used to handle ratings data.

Rating - is the evaluation that is applied to a certain object and consists of multiple criteria, for example, "user message voting" or "forum activity".

Each criterion uses its own logic when calculating its results. Thanks to this approach, various formulas can be realized.

Class methods

Method Description Available form version
Add Adds a new rating.
AddComponentResults Updates the date of the next rating criteria calculation.
AddRatingVote Adds a rating vote.
Calculate Calculates the criteria data and creates rating results.
Delete Deletes a rating.
GetList Returns list of ratings by filter.
GetByID Returns rating parameters by the ID.
GetArrayByID Returns rating parameters by the ID (array).
GetRatingObjects Returns a list of available rating objects.
GetRatingConfigs Returns a list of available rating criteria and their settings.
GetRatingResult Returns a rating results.
GetRatingVoteResult Returns results of rating vote.
Update Updates a rating.

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