CSmileSet Class

This class is used to handle sets of smileys.


Event is CalledКлассAvailable from version
OnBeforeSmileGetConfigSetId before getting set configuration. Allows to change config results.
AddEventHandler("main", "OnBeforeSmileGetConfigSetId", "___OnBeforeSmileGetConfigSetId");
function ___OnBeforeSmileGetConfigSetId($setId)
    return 16;

echo CSmileSet::getConfigSetId(); // return 16
Class Description Available from version
Add Adds a set 12.5.7
Update Updates set data 12.5.7
Delete Deletes set with smileys 12.5.7
GetById Gets set data by the ID 12.5.7
GetByStringId Gets set data by STRING_ID 12.5.7
GetBySmiles Gets set data with selected smileys 12.5.7
GetList Gets list of set data 12.5.7
GetListCache Gets list of set data (cached data) 12.5.7
GetFormList Gets list of sets for forms 12.5.7
GetConfigSetId Gets set ID for parser from module settings 12.5.7
getListForForm Gets list of sets. Deprecated, use instead CSmileSet::getFormList.
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