PriceTable class for handling table with product prices.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
getMapReturns list of fields for table with product prices.
getTableNameReturns name for table with product prices.
validateCurrencyReturns validator for the field CURRENCY (currency ID).
validateTmpIdReturns validator for the field TMP_ID (temporary symbolic ID used for service purposes).

Fields for prices

Field Description Type Required
ID Price ID. Int Yes
PRODUCT_ID Product or price ID (iblock element ID). IntYes
EXTRA_IDExtra charge type ID.IntNo
PRICEPrice value.Decimal(18,2)Yes
CURRENCYPrice currency ID.Char(3) Yes
TIMESTAMP_XEntry update time.Datetime Yes
QUANTITY_FROM Minimum number of products with a specific price.IntNo
QUANTITY_TOMaximum number of products with a specific price.Int No
TMP_ID Temporary string ID used for service purposes. Varchar(40) No
PRICE_SCALEPrice in base currency. Field is available for reading only, calculated automatically.Decimal(26,12) No


Printing a price for a single product in the Online Store.


$allProductPrices = \Bitrix\Catalog\PriceTable::getList([
  "select" => ["*"]
  "filter" => [
       "=PRODUCT_ID" => $arResult['ID'],
   "order" => ["CATALOG_GROUP_ID" => "ASC"]

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