GroupTable class for handling table with price types.

Class methods

MethodDescription Available from version
getMapMethod returns list of fields for table with price types.
getTableNameMethod returns name for the table of price types in the database.
validateNameMethod returns validator for the field NAME (internal price type name).
validateXmlIdMethod returns validator for the field XML_ID (external ID).

Price type fields

Field Description Type Required
IDPrice type ID.Int Yes
NAME Price type name.Varchar(100) Yes
BASE Flag (Y/N) for basic type.Сhar(1) Yes
SORT Sort order. Int Yes
XML_IDExternal ID. Varchar(255) No
TIMESTAMP_X Date and time for price type update. Datetime No
MODIFIED_BY ID for user who updated price type. Int No
DATE_CREATEDate and time for created price type. Datetime No
CREATED_BYID for user who created price type. Int No

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