Method completes the call, registers it in the statistics and hides the call ID screen from the user.

Function parameters

Parameter DescriptionType of value
CALL_ID Call ID from the telephony.externalcall.register method. Required.string
DURATION Duration in seconds.
COST Call cost.double
COST_CURRENCY Currency, in which the call cost is indicated. List of currencies can be retrieved by crm.currency.list method.string
STATUS_CODE SIP-code of the call status.string
FAILED_REASON Reason for an unsuccessful call.string
RECORD_URL File URL (preferably mp3) with the call record. string
VOTE Evaluation of a call by the user (if PBX supports functionality of conversation evaluation).int
ADD_TO_CHAT Option to add a message on the performed call to the B24 employee into chat (Possible values are 0 or 1, by default is 1).int

Instead of USER_ID also can be USER_PHONE_INNER.

Returned value

Method returns an array, similar to the voximplant.statistic.get method.

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