The method adds a call transcript.


Parameter Description Type
CALL_ID Call ID string
COST Transcription price float
COST_CURRENCY Transcription price currency string
MESSAGES Call transcription. Array of TranscriptMessage objects.

TranscriptMessage class fields

Fields Description Type
SIDE Conversation participant. Possible values: User - account user, Client - external participant. string
START_TIME Start of phrase in seconds, counting from the conversation start. int
STOP_TIME Phrase end time in seconds, counting from the conversation start. int
MESSAGE Phrase text string


var callId = '';
var messages = [
        SIDE: "User",
        START_TIME: 1,
        STOP_TIME: 3,
        MESSAGE: "Hello, how can I help you"
        SIDE: "Client",
        START_TIME: 4,
        STOP_TIME: 8,
        MESSAGE: "Hello, do you sell vacuum cleaners?"
        SIDE: "User",
        START_TIME: 9,
        STOP_TIME: 11,
        MESSAGE: "Unfortunately, no"
        SIDE: "Client",
        START_TIME: 11,
        STOP_TIME: 13,
        MESSAGE: "Thanks, goodbye"
        SIDE: "User",
        START_TIME: 13,
        STOP_TIME: 15,
        MESSAGE: "Goodbye"

         CALL_ID: callId,
         MESSAGES: messages

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