List of Codes and Types

Call Codes Table (CALL_FAILED_CODE)

$MESS["VI_STATUS_200"]Successful call.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_304"]Missed call.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_603-S"]Call is cancelled.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_404"]Wrong number.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_484"]This direction is unavailable.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_503"]This direction is unavailable.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_480"]Temporarily unavailable.
$MESS["VI_STATUS_402"]Insufficient funds on the account.

Call Types Table (CALL_TYPE)

Тип Description
1 Outbound call.
2 Inbound call.
3 Inbound call with redirection (to mobile or landline phone).

PBX Types Table

Type Description
cloud Cloud hosted PBX.
office Office PBX.

SIP-registration Status Table

Status Description
success Successful registration.
error Unsuccessful registration.
in_progress Registration in progress.
wait Pending registration.

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