This method connects a record to a finished call and to the call Activity. (Should be called after telephony.external.finish, if at the moment of the call, finish status wasn't ready). Only one record is linked. If the method is called several times, then the next call will overwrite the previous record.

Function parameters

(string) -
Parameter DescriptionType of value
CALL_ID Call ID from the telephony.externalcall.register method. Required.string
FILENAME File name, required. File name should be ending with wav or mp3.string
FILE_CONTENT base64-encoded file content. Optional. If the parameter was not specified, method will return uploadUrl parameter - URL, to which the content of the file can be uploaded.string
RECORD_URL Link to the record on the client's server. If specified, then an attempt to download the record will be made at the specified address, instead of awaiting for record to be downloaded to the client's account.string

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