Method registers a call in Bitrix24. For this purpose, it searches an object that corresponds to the number in CRM. If the method finds it, it adds the call, connected to the object found. If the method didn't find it, it can create a lead automatically.

Simultaneously with the registration of a call, method optionally can show the user the call ID screen. The user, to whom the card is shown, is identified either by USER_ID, or by USER_PHONE_INNER. (That is, fields are marked as required, but actually, only one of two is required.)

Method is accessible to the owner of the access right for Call statistics - modification, if granted.

To create a call "activity", it is also necessary to call the telephony.externalcall.finish method

Function parameters

Parameter DescriptionType of value
USER_PHONE_INNER Internal number of the user. Required.string
PHONE_NUMBER Telephone number. Required string
TYPE Type of call: 1 - outbound, 2 - inbound.
CALL_START_DATE Date/time of the call in the ISO8601 format.string
CRM_CREATE [0/1] Option to create or not a new lead (if the number is not found in CRM), as well as a new activity for a call. When selecting 0 disabling of activity creation will not
CRM_SOURCE STATUS_ID of the source from the source selection list. You can receive a list of sources by the crm.status.list method with filter by "ENTITY_ID": "SOURCE".string
CRM_ENTITY_TYPE Type of CRM object, from the details card of which the call is made - CONTACT | COMPANY | LEAD.string
CRM_ENTITY_ID CRM object ID, type of which is specified in CRM_ENTITY_TYPEint
SHOW [0/1] Option to display or not the call ID screen (by default is 1).int
CALL_LIST_ID Call dialing list ID, to which the call should be
LINE_NUMBER Number of external line, via which the call was made (see. telephony.externalLine.add). Optional.string
TYPE Type of call:
1 - outbound
2 - inbound
3 - inbound with forwarding
4 - callback

Returned value

Method returns an array:

Parameter DescriptionType of value
CALL_ID Call ID inside
CRM_CREATED_LEAD Created lead ID (is created, if the object is not found in CRM by the incoming number)int
CRM_ENTITY_ID ID of the object found in
CRM_ENTITY_TYPE Type of the object found in CRM by the incoming number CONTACT | COMPANY | LEAD.string

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