Returns call history list. This is a list-calling type method. It is accessible to the user with granted access permission rights for Call statistics - View.

Function parameters

Parameter Description
FILTER Fields to be sorted.
SORT Selection of fields to be sorted.
ORDER Sorting order (ASC/DESC).
All parameters are optional

Description of result

Parameter Description
CALL_TYPE Call type (see. call type description).
PORTAL_USER_ID ID of the operator, responding to a call (if call type: 2 - Inbound) or the ID of the operator who made the call (if call type: 1 - Outbound).
PORTAL_NUMBER Number, to which the call has been made (if call type: 2 - Inbound) or the number from which the call was made (1 - Outbound).
PHONE_NUMBER Number, from which the caller is making a call (if call type: 2 - Inbound) or the number, via which the operator is calling (1 - Outbound).
CALL_DURATION Call duration in seconds.
CALL_START_DATE Call initiation time. When sorting, this field shall have the date specified in ISO-8601 format.
COST Cost of the call.
COST_CURRENCY Currency of the call (RUR, USD, EUR).
CALL_FAILED_CODE Code of the call (see. call codes table).
CALL_FAILED_REASON Text description for call code (Latin alphabet).
CRM_ACTIVITY_ID CRM activity ID, created based on a call.
CRM_ENTITY_ID CRM object ID, to which the activity is binded.
CRM_ENTITY_TYPE Type of CRM object, to which the activity is binded, for example: LEAD.
REST_APP_ID The ID of external telephony integration app.
REST_APP_NAME Name of the external telephony integration app.
REDIAL_ATTEMPT Number of redial attempts (for callbacks)
SESSION_ID Voximplant call session ID.
TRANSCRIPT_ID Call transcript ID
TRANSCRIPT_PENDING Y\N. Attribute for pending transcript.
RECORD_FILE_ID File ID with the call record.


         "FILTER": {">CALL_DURATION":60},
         "SORT": "CALL_DURATION",
         "ORDER": "DESC",

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