Methods, described below, are required to build seamless integrations with external systems. In such integration, the call itself will not go to Bitrix24: such integration, however, allows to display and hide the call ID screen, register a lead and a conversation record.

Application Access Permission: Telephony


Method Description
telephony.externalcall.register Registers a call in Bitrix24.
telephony.externalcall.finish Finishes a call. Displays a call ID screen to the user.
telephony.externalcall.hide Hides a call ID screen from the user.
telephony.externalCall.attachRecord Method attaches record to a call and to the call activity. Method adds a call transcript.
telephony.externalLine.add Method adds an external line.
telephony.externalLine.update Method allows to change the name of an external line.
telephony.externalLine.delete Method for deleting an external line.
telephony.externalLine.get Method allows to retrieve a list of external lines of an application.
telephony.externalCall.searchCrmEntities Method allows to retrieve information about a client from CRM by a telephone number via single request.

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