Methods, described below, are required to build seamless integrations with external systems. In such integration, the call itself will not go to Bitrix24: such integration, however, allows to display and hide the call ID screen, register a lead and a conversation record.

Application Access Permission: Telephony


Method Description
telephony.externalcall.register Registers a call in Bitrix24.
telephony.externalcall.finish Finishes a call. Displays a call ID screen to the user.
telephony.externalcall.hide Hides a call ID screen from the user.
telephony.externalCall.attachRecord Attaches record to a call and to the call activity. Adds a call transcript.
telephony.externalLine.add Adds an external line.
telephony.externalLine.update Updates the name of an external line.
telephony.externalLine.delete Deletes an external line.
telephony.externalLine.get Gets a list of external lines of an application.
telephony.externalCall.searchCrmEntities Gets customer information from CRM by a telephone number via single request.

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