Note. When working with telephony methods, events of voximplant class can be used.

Event Description
OnExternalCallStart The event handler is called whenever a user clicks a phone number in CRM object to initiate an outbound call.

To execute the event, go to Telephony > Telephony Settings and select your app in the Default number for outbound calls for an out.
Or select this application as the default number in the user settings. The event will be triggered only for the selected application.

Parameter DescriptionValue type
USER_ID The user
PHONE_NUMBER Outbound call ID.string
CRM_ENTITY_TYPE Identifies the type of CRM object, which call ID screen is used to make a call: CONTACT, COMPANY or LEAD.string
CRM_ENTITY_ID The CRM object ID, which type is specified in
CALL_LIST_ID Call list ID, if the call is made from the call
LINE_NUMBER External line number, via which the the call is requested.string
CALL_ID Call ID from the telephony.externalcall.register method.string
IS_MOBILE (Y|N) Defines call as initiated from the mobile app.string

OnExternalCallBackStart It is called when a visitor fills out a CRM form for callback. Your application shall be selected in the form settings as the line that to be used for a callback.
Parameter DescriptionValue type
PHONE_NUMBER Telephone number.string
TEXT Text to be voiced over to a user during initiated call ().string
VOICE Voice ID to be used for text voiceover (via form settings). To get a voice IDs list, see voximplant.tts.voices.get.string
CRM_ENTITY_TYPE Type of connected CRM entity.string
CRM_ENTITY_ID CRM entity ID with type specified in
LINE_NUMBER Number of external line used to request a callbackstring

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